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  1. The Birth of Olivia

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    Planned C-Section & First Time Mama, Hannah

    I unfortunately developed tokophobia during my pregnancy, which is a rare but very real phobia of giving birth. After dealing with hypermesis gravidarum from 5-19 weeks I was left feeling very anxious, out of control and worried of what was to come and started to believe I would die during childbirth, which was highly distressing . I started listening to podcasts, watching positive birth stories and used all the resources laura recommended to me, focusing on the positive journeys of so many women from pregnancy to birth. 

    On the day of my planned c-section I was nervous but I knew I had made the right decision. I remember feeling calm, in control and in awe of what my body was doing, i had full trust in the team around me and felt listened to and empowered that I was able to have the birth I wanted. I used hypnobirthing techniques - visualisation, deep breathing and positive affirmations were firm favourites and my husband had prepared a script that he re-read throughout the caesarean to keep me focused on how strong I am and how we would soon have our baby in our arms! 

    When I first saw my daughter I felt this indescribable rush of love as well as a sense of relief that both my baby and myself were healthy and safe. I believe that through using hypnobirthing techniques throughout my pregnancy and birth, and learning all about my birthing options I know that I am strong enough one day to have another baby which is something I thought would be impossible.