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The Birth of Jude

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My positive but traumatic birth story! I didn't think this could be a thing but here we are. My waters broke without any contractions after two days, so I went in for an induced labour via hormone drip to avoid the baby getting into danger with infection. For 10 hours I had a wonderful labour with no pain relief and using all my hypnobirthing techniques. The midwife pushed along my labour by upping my horomone drip which spiralled along the dilation and suddenly I was at 10cm and ready to push after nearly 20 hours labour. Here asked for an epidural due to exhaustion, I didn't find this painful at all, the first failed but the second worked for three hours, in these three hours I did three hours pushing. Unfortunately my baby had his arms above his head like superman, which no one knew at the time so it didn't matter what I was doing the baby was lodged and not coming out. The doctors gave me two options, a forceps delivery, or a c section. As scary as a turn of events was, which is common in labour, I felt in control the entire time. I felt calm, I used my breathing techinques and even in extreme pain felt like I knew everything was going to be fine. And IT WAS! My husband was my birthing partner and was fantastic, after Laura's classes we both felt so well equipped. I didn't manage my water birth but we both felt we succeeded in a difficult 31 hours of labour which ended up in a forceps delivery when our little boy entered the world. I would do it all again in a heartbeat to meet our baby again for the first time!

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