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The Birth of Blake

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Water Birth, Second Time Mama, Claire

I was 3 days overdue and getting very restless ! So I decided to go to the gym that evening and do some pregnancy yoga to relax and practice my hypnobirthing breathing that I had learnt from Laura.
That night I was getting a lot of Braxton hicks which wasn’t uncomfortable but I felt like my stomach was tightening - so I knew labour would hopefully be near.

The next morning I woke at 6am and still had these Braxton hicks tightenings , the difference was they were coming on every 15 minutes and over the course of a couple of hours were increasing to every 10 minutes. They felt like mild period cramps and I breathed through every one to relax me but also to get into the hang of knowing to breathe through every contraction.

It got to 9am and they were coming on every 5 minutes and lasting 45seconds to 1 minute at which point I decided to call the birthing centre who said to come down if my waters broke or once the pain became unmanageable.

I decided to stay home as much as possible and so it got to 11am and I kept breathing in and out for each contraction until suddenly my waters broke so I knew I needed to get down to the birthing centre .

We arrived and I was assessed to stay in as I had dialated 4cm at which point they said to try the gas and air, and even though the contractions were I would say slightly uncomfortable and still feeling like period cramps, I thought it would be good to practice my breathing with the gas and air at the same time.

I asked the midwife to pull the blinds down as I always find I feel relaxed in a cosy darker environment with dim lights, I also had a toy of my first born with me to keep by my side to remind me that I was about to have another beautiful baby like him, a tip Laura gave me.

I breathed the gas and air until around 1pm while they filled up the birthing pool , I honestly think the pool helped relax me as it felt like a weight had been lifted around my stomach as soon as I got in .
The contractions at this point were increasing in pain and were coming on very quickly. I looked at the digital clock on the wall and counted the seconds through each contraction helping me to focus.

Around 25 minutes later I felt myself doze off for what felt like an hour to me but it was only a couple of seconds and I felt this huge pressure which caught me by surprise.

The midwife instantly said she is coming so I changed positions onto all 4s and her head came out within a few seconds.
The cord was wrapped around her neck so I had to stop while the midwife unwrapped the cord. After which the rest of her came out a few seconds later and she floated up through my legs.

All I remember is her holding me so tight on my shoulder and this huge feeling of happiness that she was safe in my arms.

My partner Kirk took her while I got out of the pool and delivered the placenta.
After which she was given back to me for cuddles and I would honestly say the whole birth was perfect with the gas and air and the birth pool I felt instantly relaxed with every contraction. But also this huge confidence with my breathing that I had complete control over the moment.