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The Birth of Klara

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Water birth First Time Mama, Laura

My contractions started 11pm on Thursday night waking me up. My husband was asleep and through using my hypnobirthing breathing techniques I was able to rest and manage these surges for 1.5hrs by myself before waking my husband, Ian. We rang the labour line to make them aware things were starting, and my amazing husband ran me a bath with candles all around to keep me calm and relaxed. As surges began to intensify I was able to breath through them and grab my husbands hand each time for support. 

By 8.00am these surges were coming thick and fast and it was time to head to our birthing centre. I gave permission to have a vaginal examination and was already 4cm-things were progressing nicely! My amazing midwife asked if I had a birth plan and my husband handed her it and she started to run the birthing pool. Our midwife just let me absolutely crack on and labour just as I wanted to, with minimal disruptions just me and my husband, and the use of gas & air as and when needed.

And then it was time! “Each surge is bringing me closer to meeting you” I kept saying to myself as things intensified as baby was bearing down. After a few pushes and a change of position to being upright, my beautiful girl came out and I was able to reach down and lift her out of the water and onto my chest. A truely magical experience. I’ve never felt so strong, powerful and PROUD of myself in all my life. Any my husband was absolutely incredible throughout too.